Raising Humanity

Nov 6, 2020

5 min read

An Accelerated Awakening For the US- Navigating the Dark Tunnel with Grace

Our fellow Americans are fighting the fight. They are bravely fighting for themselves. And now for one another. It is something to witness.

The awakening is upon them, in an accelerated way. They are very clearly, moving through their own dark night. This is not specific to the individual necessarily. But rather, the collective.

When we have moved through the depths of our own dark night, it can become quite apparent when others (being individual humans, collectives, or larger systems or entities). My own dark night lasted nearly three years. And years longer to integrate the new awareness. That may not sound reassuring at this point in time, but I didn’t want to open my eyes to a new reality. I was choosing to hold onto old truths that were rooted in pain and dis-ease. And so, until I really wanted to experience freedom of that which I am in control of — not through circumstance but through perception — I was unable to unsee what I had spent many decades learning. Embodying. Building my life on the basis of.

With that, we bring up a few universal principles that reflect the nature of an awakening that can allow the process to feel like a dance. Rather than an unwavering struggle.

Here it goes -

1. We aren’t able to reveal anything that isn’t already there. The outer is simply a mirror to the inner. More often than not, we are so unfamiliar with what we identify as ‘bad’ within ourselves that we will do anything to avoid it. Until we are forced to. When you are well resourced, it is easier to hide out. Pretend it’s not there. Create quick fix cover ups. That’s what generally happens in our Western and Northern hemispheres. Power in vanity can be carried for a little while, until its seen for what it is. That’s quite what’s happening now. The cracks in the foundation need to be revealed to heal. And without some pretty brave humans to unveil the underbelly of the country, we remain closed eye and mechanical. Passive. Unaware. Numb. Busy focusing only on ourselves. Wearing a narrow lens of only our own backyards. So, the invitation is to ask where this outside reality is living within you.

2. It does not benefit you to shoot the messenger. You will miss the lesson in doing so. Effectively putting your attention on something or someone that does not actually hold the answers you are looking for. Messengers of what we are here to see, to free ourselves from the mind control, often look not as we wish them to. They are upsetting, ungraceful and often appear abruptly in our lives. Yet, we all know that the hands with which we create infuse a very specific energy into what is created. So, if the foundation of anything that holds weight is mired in greed, unworthiness or control, it will not last as humanity continue to evolve. There has never been a better time for there to be someone shine the light on what has always been there. The dismantling is dark and uncomfortable. It always is. It hurts. It’s like ripping off the band aid that was so pretty in pink. Undisturbed, nice from a distance, protecting the real wound underneath. Rip it off while you have the space to process, with intention. Rather than as a knee-jerk response. And do it with loved ones around you.

3. Don’t skip over the uncomfortable part of the process. Smiles and warm words, paired with inauthentic acts of kindness, are rarely the solution unless the foundation is healthy to begin with. It will take much breakdown of opinions and ideals before it is recognized that both men are fighting for you America, from a much wider lens. (Most probably unknowingly.) You can rest in that for now. There are significant threads being woven for a solid future for you, even if it does not appear to be that way in all the discomfort. Call in support from those who have walked the path.

4. Bring the joy in now. Do not wait, as that in itself will create a new outcome for your country. How are children in your world being taught to move through unease? When conditions are less than ideal, is there a center within you that you know to guide you? Is there a connection to your intuitive nature that reminds you how you were born? Free? Alive? Accepting? Forgiving? What is it that makes your heart full? That reminds you of who you really are? Commit to something everyday that celebrates your humanity.

Planting Seeds of Real Freedom:

As you transform through surrender and acceptance of one another — certainly the most vulnerable and difficult thing humans can do! — the world has the potential to transform just by watching your courage to love one another despite your differences.

But this is how powerful you are on the world map. You can dim the skies or open them right up. You really don’t have to strive for great or better than others. Just good, together. Where superiority has been washed away. And enoughness emerges. That which always happens at an individual level first.

We too in Canada understand the pains of a competition-based foundation. Where every system from parenting to education to law to public information has reinforced that template into our every action.

This point forward calls you to use your power and resources in ways of integrity and inclusivity. Ways that are rooted in the wisdom you were born to the planet with.

You are doing this not only for yourselves, but most of the world’s population who does not enjoy the same privileges as you. This is a collective passageway you are in the midst of. So thank you. And remember, each nation does its clean up as they can. And in this moment, you have been invited in. Embrace it. Be with it. Understand it fully and transmute what no longer serves you.

Pausing through the storm does wonders.

We can all create bridges in the chaos, as we heal. Gradually and gracefully. Our own intuition guides us through the fog, without fail to set intention for something that will not only benefit us as individuals, but our entire human family.

We are all coming back to trust. Togetherness. And a whole lot of creative and sustainable frameworks based on reclaimed joy, freedom and aliveness.

How you CHOOSE to engage with yourself and your family today will be the foundation of those to come tomorrow.